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Trois Contes (Three Tales)
by Gustave Flaubert

Trois Contes (Three Tales) was published in 1877 and consists of three short stories : Un Cœur Simple (A Simple Soul), La Légende De Saint-Julien L'Hospitalier (The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitalier) and Hérodias (Herodias).

Un Cœur Simple (A Simple Soul) is the story of a woman called Felicité. After Théodore gets disappointed in love, she becomes a servant and devotes herself completely to her new master, Mathilde and her children. But fate seems to always deny her from any love in return.

In La Légende De Saint-Julien L'Hospitalier (The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitalier), Julian, who predicted at birth to do great things, but turns into some kind of psychopath who kills every animal in sight and is cursed by a stag to kill his own parents. The later part of his story is one of seeking and finding redemption.

Hérodias is the retelling of the beheading of John the Baptist.

Title Details

Translator:George Burnham Ives
Number of words:61,812
Print Length:177 pages

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