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Tonio Kröger
by Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann wrote the novella Tonio Kröger in 1901 when he was 25 years old and published it in 1903.

The largely autobiographical story follows the course of a man's life from his schoolboy days to his adulthood. As a child, he experiences conflicting feelings for the bourgeois people around him. He feels both superior to them in his insights and envious of their innocent vitality. He struggle to strike a balance between art and life culminates in a tentative resolution after a return to his home city.

Tonio Kröger forms a pair with another story of Thomas Mann, Death in Venice (Der Tod in Venedig). They both describe the life of an artist and express Thomas Mann's views on art.

Title Details

Translator:Bayard Quincy Morgan
Number of words:44,690
Print Length:128 pages

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Random Quote/Passage

 "Etliche gehen mit Notwendigkeit in die Irre, weil es einen rechten Weg für sie überhaupt nicht gibt."
"Some go astray of necessity, because there is absolutely no right way for them."
Tonio Kröger - Thomas Mann

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