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Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice)
by Thomas Mann

Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice) is a 1912 novella by Thomas Mann. In Death in Venice, a great writer suffering writer's block visits Venice and is liberated, uplifted, and then increasingly obsessed, by the sight of a stunningly beautiful youth. Though he never speaks to the boy, much less touches him, the writer finds himself drawn deep into ruinous inward passion; meanwhile, Venice, and finally the writer himself, succumb to a cholera plague.

The novella is powerfully intertextual, with the chief sources being first the connection of erotic love to philosophical wisdom traced in Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus, and second the Nietzschean contrast between the god of restraint and shaping form, Apollo, and the god of excess and passion, Dionysus.

Title Details

Translator:Martin C. Doege
Number of words:50,685
Print Length:145 pages

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Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice)

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