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Vita Nuova (The New Life)
by Dante Alighieri

Vita Nuova (The New Life) is a 1295 text by Dante Alighieri, a medieval courtly love written in both prose and verse. Besides its content, it is notable for being written in Italian, rather than Latin; with Dante's other works, it helped to establish the Tuscan dialect in which it is written as the Italian standard.

Vita Nuova (The New Life) is the proper introduction to the Divine Comedy. It is the story of the beginning of the love through which, even in Dante’s youth, heavenly things were revealed to him, and which in the bitterest trials of life, — in disappointment, poverty, and exile, — kept his heart fresh with springs of perpetual solace. It was this love which led him through the hard paths of Philosophy and up the steep ascents of Faith, out of Hell and through Purgatory, to the glories of Paradise and the fulfillment of Hope.

In addition to the English and Italian texts, there is a comprehensive section by professor Charles Eliot Norton including essays laying out essential historical and structural information about Vita Nuova, and footnotes providing explanations for some references that the reader might not be familiar with.

Title Details

Translator:Charles Eliot Norton
Number of words:59,493
Print Length:170 pages

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