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Lettres de Mon Moulin (Letters From My Mill) - Vol 2 (of 2)
by Alphonse Daudet

Letters from My Windmill (Lettres de Mon Moulin) is a collection of short stories. Although individual stories have been published earlier in journals, the book in its entirety appeared in 1869.

The stories in the Letters From My Windmill are mostly set in Provence or neighboring territories, and they are rich in local color and charm. They also feature fascinating descriptions of the professions of the day. Though each story is quite short, they truly transport the reader to Daudet's day, whether it is a salty sea spray, orange groves, brandied cherries, or windswept fields. The style is mostly joyous and light-hearted in essence and they create a sensory delight in the reader.

Letters From My Windmill is a perfect read when one wants to go on a mental journey and wishes to be transported to a different time and place. Although Daudet is largely ignored today, he was a French literary force in his day.

Title Details

Translator:Katherine Prescott Wormeley
Number of words:48,876
Print Length:140 pages

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