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La Maison du Chat-qui-Pelote (At the Sign of the Cat and Racket)
by Honoré de Balzac

First entitled Glory and Unhappiness, this short novel (La Maison du Chat-Qui-Pelote appeared in 1830 (written in 1829), and subsequently edited several times. Opening the series of Private Life (Scènes de la Vie Privée), it is also the first volume of Comédie Humaine and announces many of the Balzac's later themes.

The novel's main theme is one of mésalliance : A misfit in marriage. An artist (a painter), Théodore, falls in love with, or with the idea of what he takes for, Augustine, the daughter of a conservative cloth merchant. The marriage turns to be a most unhappy one, where the misfit in marriage reveals itself more as a misfit in minds and souls than a misfit of rank or social standing as it is generally conceived, and ends in a tragic way.

In the novel Balzac depicts scrupulously a Parisian neighborhood that he knows well, the Petit Lion street and neighborhood of Saint Denis street, where he lived in his youth work period.

The novel itself depicts a situation for the first time: there are simply milieus that don't mix up, both in real terms, but also figuratively. This idea may be seen as an important step towards the realization that the marriage can no longer be defined on the basis of roles that husbands and wives fulfill, if a moral has to be stated for this work of Balzac. A similar theme can be found in Le Bal de Sceaux of Balzac.

Title Details

Translator:Clara Bell
Number of words:42,599
Print Length:122 pages

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