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Decameron - Seconda Giornata (Decameron 2nd Day)
by Giovanni Boccaccio

Decameron is a medieval allegory and masterpiece by Giovanni Boccaccio, which consists in 100 tales by ten young people, three noblemen and seven ladies, in ten days.

The story is set in Florence, Italy, during the time of Black Death. The young people leave the plague-ridden Florence to go to a villa in the countryside for two weeks, and entertain themselves with the stories. Although the background is grim, the stories are nothing but.

The structure of the work is medieval by virtue of its allegorical structure, its scathing and hilarious depictions of a corrupt clergy, and its idealization of women. However, Boccaccio’s attitude towards love—an its guitless carnal side—represents more of a Renaissance viewpoint. In addition to its literary import, Decameron also documents life in 14th-century Italy.

Title Details

Translator:J. M. Rigg
Number of words:84,292
Print Length:241 pages

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Random Quote/Passage

 "Valorose donne, quanto più si parla de’ fatti della Fortuna, tanto più, a chi vuole le sue cose ben riguardare, ne resta a poter dire; e di ciò niuno dee aver maraviglia, se discretamente pensa che tutte le cose, le quali noi scioccamente nostre chiamiamo, sieno nelle sue mani, e per conseguente da lei secondo il suo occulto giudicio, senza alcuna posa d’uno in altro e d’altro in uno successivamente, senza alcuno conosciuto ordine da noi, esser da lei permutate. "
"Noble ladies, discourse as we may of Fortune's handiwork, much still remains to be said if we but scan events aright, nor need we marvel thereat, if we but duly consider that all matters, which we foolishly call our own, are in her hands and therefore subject, at her inscrutable will, to every variety of chance and change without any order therein by us discernible. "
Decameron - Seconda Giornata (Decameron 2nd Day) - Giovanni Boccaccio

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