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La Princesse de Babylone (Princess of Babylon)
by Voltaire

In The Princess of Babylon, The king of Babylon, Belus, considered himself the first man upon earth, an assumption confirmed by the people surrounding him. This ego inflated king’s search for a good match for his only and exceptionally beautiful daughter Formosonta and the events that ensue take up most of this witty, acerbic tale.

Behind a historic tale of love quest, Voltaire aims at political power centers, exposing their malfunctions and corruption, and at the pope and Christianity, exposing their nonsense rites and traditions. This is a typical text of Voltaire, one of the leading figures of French Enlightenment, who has written unceasingly to expose religious and other establishments’ sources of power and the unreasonable and unchallenged assumptions that perpetuate them.

Title Details

Translator:William Fleming
Number of words:51,184
Print Length:146 pages

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La Princesse de Babylone (Princess of Babylon)

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