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Decameron - Terza Giornata (Decameron 3rd Day)
by Giovanni Boccaccio

Decameron is a medieval allegory and masterpiece by Giovanni Boccaccio, which consists in 100 tales by ten young people, three noblemen and seven ladies, in ten days.

The story is set in Florence, Italy, during the time of Black Death. The young people leave the plague-ridden Florence to go to a villa in the countryside for two weeks, and entertain themselves with the stories. Although the background is grim, the stories are nothing but.

The structure of the work is medieval by virtue of its allegorical structure, its scathing and hilarious depictions of a corrupt clergy, and its idealization of women. However, Boccaccio’s attitude towards love—an its guitless carnal side—represents more of a Renaissance viewpoint. In addition to its literary import, Decameron also documents life in 14th-century Italy.

Title Details

Translator:J. M. Rigg
Number of words:66,553
Print Length:190 pages

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Random Quote/Passage

 "Rustico, che di radici d’erba e d’acqua vivea, poteva male rispondere alle poste; e dissele che troppi diavoli vorrebbono essere a potere il ninferno attutare, ma che egli ne farebbe ciò che per lui si potesse; e così alcuna volta le sodisfaceva, ma sì era di rado, che altro non era che gittare una fava in bocca al leone; di che la giovane, non parendole tanto servire a Dio quanto voleva, mormorava anzi che no."
"Rustico, whose diet was roots of herbs and water, wasn't up to the task in responding to her demands: he told her that it would require not a few devils to allay the heat of hell; but that he would do what might be in his power; and so now and again he satisfied her; but so seldom that it was as if he had tossed a bean into the jaws of a lion. Whereat the girl, being fain of more of the service of God than she had, did somewhat repine."
Decameron - Terza Giornata (Decameron 3rd Day) - Giovanni Boccaccio

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