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Decameron - Prima Giornata (Decameron 1st Day)
by Giovanni Boccaccio

Decameron is a medieval allegory and masterpiece by Giovanni Boccaccio, which consists in 100 tales by ten young people, three noblemen and seven ladies, in ten days.

The story is set in Florence, Italy, during the time of Black Death. The young people leave the plague-ridden Florence to go to a villa in the countryside for two weeks, and entertain themselves with the stories. Although the background is grim, the stories are nothing but.

The structure of the work is medieval by virtue of its allegorical structure, its scathing and hilarious depictions of a corrupt clergy, and its idealization of women. However, Boccaccio’s attitude towards love—an its guitless carnal side—represents more of a Renaissance viewpoint. In addition to its literary import, Decameron also documents life in 14th-century Italy.

Title Details

Translator:J. M. Rigg
Number of words:48,977
Print Length:140 pages

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Random Quote/Passage

 "Umana cosa è aver compassione degli afflitti; e come che a ciascuna persona stea bene, a coloro è massimamente richiesto, li quali già hanno di conforto avuto mestiere, e hannol trovato in alcuni: fra' quali, se alcuno mai n’ebbe bisogno, o gli fu caro, o già ne ricevette piacere, io son uno di quegli. "
"It is humane to have compassion on the afflicted and as it shows well in all, so it is especially demanded of those who have had need of comfort and have found it in others: among whom, if any had ever need thereof or found it precious or delectable, I may be numbered. "
Decameron - Prima Giornata (Decameron 1st Day) - Giovanni Boccaccio

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