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Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924) was a writer of novels and short stories in German language. He is regarded as one of the most influential 20th century authors. His works, such as Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis), Der Prozess (The Trial), and Das Schloss (The Castle), are filled with the themes of alienation, physical and psychological brutality, parent-child conflict, characters on a terrifying quest, labyrinths of bureaucracy, and mystical transformations.

A few of Kafka's works were published during his lifetime: the story collections Betrachtung (Contemplation) and Ein Landarzt (A Country Doctor), and individual stories, Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis), in magazines. He prepared the story collection Ein Hungerkünstler (A Hunger Artist) for print, but it was not published until after his death.

He died of tuberculosis in 1924.

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Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis)

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