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George Sand

George Sand (July 1, 1804 –June 8, 1876) (pseudonym for Armandine Lucile Aurore Dudevant, maiden name Dupin) grew up in a country home (at Nohant) where she fell in love with the countryside that informed some of her works.
In 1831 she left Nohant for Paris, where she published some of her articles under the pseudonym Jules Sand. The following year she published Indiana (1832) with the pseudonym of George Sand. The novel brought her immediate fame. It is a passionate protest against the social conventions that bind a wife to her husband against her will and an apologia for a heroine who abandons an unhappy marriage and finds love.
She later found her true form in her rustic novels. La Mare au diable (The Devil's Pool) (1846), François le Champi (1848), La petite Fadette (1849) and and Les beaux messieurs Bois-Doré (1857) are considered by some to be her finest works. Among her later works are the autobiography Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life) (1855) and Contes d’une grand'mère (Tales of a Grandmother) (1873), a collection of stories she wrote for her grandchildren.

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La Mare au Diable (The Devil's Pool)

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